Turn your backyard into a mini amusement park with the extreme coaster by step2! get ready for an exciting ride with this gigantic roller coaster. Climbing the stairs to reset the ride helps to foster balance and develop gross motor skills while giving kids plenty of exercise during outdoor play. During playtime, preschoolers and older children can take turns riding this colorful toy coaster. Experience the thrill of a real roller coaster right in your backyard!.

Product Features

  • Includes 9 ft. (2.7 M) of track; 30″ (76.2 Cm) high platform with safety rails and a coaster car with handgrips, footrests and a high seat back
  • Easy-Entry car allows for balanced mounting and riding down the track
  • Non-Slip step ramp allows youngsters to push the car to the platform peak all by themselves
  • Weight limit 75 lbs. (34.1 Kg)
  • Durable poly construction that lasts for years

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