Limited Supply! If Mario already lights up your life, why not give him a shot at the end table too? *UPDATED VERSION* Lamp is now open on the bottom to allow for a more stable overall design (no more opening and closing the lid to get the bulb out) and also allows for heat to escape. Very colorful and unique lamp is made of a quarter inch poplar frame, colored translucent acrylic to give the center question mark a nice shine, and colored paper to add a bit of texture to the bricks on either side. Features: – Beautiful, large lamp 16.5″ x 5.5″ x 5.5″ – Energy efficient bulb included – Long 15′ cord capable of hanging the lamp – Two openings for easy wall mounting on back of lamp Perfect for a kid’s room, as well as those who still think they are kids (which is very okay, I definitely have one of these over my desk). Ships fully assembled with one bulb in the US and Canada. For over seas purchases, its worth noting that the lamp has a North American outlet plug, so an adapter will be needed if you live in a region with different electrical standards. Please only use fluorescent bulbs with the lamp, as standard incandescent bulbs create much much more heat, and can occasionally cause warping if the lamp is left on for an extended period of time.

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