Safe and Fun for All Ages
Let’s be honest, sometimes you just need somewhere to direct your kid’s energy. Get them away from the T.V. with the easy-to-use Swivel Car. This ride on toy is so safe and easy that a toddler can enjoy it, and the heavy-duty construction is sure to let older kids (or even adults!) have a blast.
This toy relies on gravity and friction created by the rider. Not only is this great exercise and entertainment, but the Swivel Car helps children develop their motor skills as they cruise around tables or roll around on the driveway.

New and Improved Wheels

We upgraded the wheels from the polypropylene plastic that easily breaks, to polyurethane (rubber) wheels. This is a huge innovation that makes for a faster, smoother ride that can handle rougher surfaces. Here’s a quick rundown on the benefits of using polyurethane:

  • The material is more elastic
  • Can rebound- the wheel will return to its original shape quickly after being distorted. These wheels can handle rougher surfaces as it will conform to the shape of a small rock, then quickly rebound to its original shape. This also minimizes the rolling resistance of the wheel so it can ride faster and smoother.
  • Resistant to flat spotting- A lot of wheels will wear in only one spot, which makes an annoying egg-shape that ruins the wheel’s functionality. The polyurethane is more durable, but will wear evenly to prolong the life of the wheel.
  • Won’t scratch hardwood floors
  • ABEC 7 bearings- We also added Abec7 bearings which cause less friction, so these wheels are more durable for longer-lasting fun.

Indoor or Outdoor Use
Here’s another bonus. The wheels won’t scratch or dent your hardwood floors, making it great for both indoor and outdoor use. This quiet toy can give your kid great exercise and fun even through those long winter months or on bad weather days.

Product Features

  • No pedals, gears, or batteries. Just turn the steering wheel and Swivel away.
  • New and improved ABEC 7 bearings and rubber wheels make for a faster ride that can handle rougher surfaces
  • Fun for all ages
  • Heavy duty design and materials allows for higher weight capacity
  • Great for indoor/ outdoor exercise

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