The Turtle Beach Stream Mic is a first-of-its-kind professional desktop microphone created for gamers streaming directly from their consoles. With the Stream Mic, players can livestream gameplay from their Xbox One and PlayStation4, as well as from a PC or Mac thanks to universal plug-and-play compatibility. Additionally, the Stream Mic features adaptive mic patterns and fully customizable software, while a dual-capsule mic array with advanced digital processing supports multiple pick-up patterns for different applications and environments, and a zero-latency headphone output provides accurate monitoring so anyone can stream like a pro. The Turtle Beach Stream Mic will elevate your Twitch, YouTube and streams to a whole new level.welcome to the big time.

Product Features

  • Console Livestreaming Made Easy – The first professional quality desktop microphone designed for gamers live streaming directly from Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC or Mac via a single USB connection
  • Adaptive Mic Patterns with TruSpeak Technology – High definition voice pick-up with Table Top and Boom-mounted modes for exceptional clarity
  • Professional Processing Performance – Studio-grade digital processing balances EQ, gain and compression to deliver superior voice performance
  • Built-In Headphone Amplifier – A zero-latency headphone output provides accurate monitoring over game audio and voice levels
  • Personalized Voice Tuning – A quick and easy to use software download offers voice presets to personalize your stream output

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