New. great condition. Never been used. does have the tag.This Zero is a 10. His poem reads:
Penguins love the ice and snow
Playing in weather twenty below
Antarctica is where I love to be
Splashing in the cold, cold sea!
Zero, born January 2, 1998, is all dressed up and ready to go to your house. This flightless bird was released for a limited time and is now retired, making him highly desirable. His body is done in traditional black and white; a splash of yellow under his bright orange beak is a real eye-catcher. Atop Zero’s head sits a red and white stocking cap with white pom-pom, and bright orange feet complete our cold-weather friend. Surface wash only. –Peggy Etra

Product Features

  • Ty beanie baby
  • zero hoilday penquin
  • does have the tag
  • great condition

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