This keypad features a total of 47 keys, including 0-9 number, 26 English letter & assistant keys
Easily connects to any Xbox 360 controller
Bottom audio jack fits with 2.5mm earphones or Xbox 360 original earphones.
Ergonomically designed for professional comfort
Quick access to Live Messenger with the Messenger Button
Just connect keyboard to the bottom of Xbox 360 wired or wireless controller for text input.
Color: Black


If you come across problems, please try to solve it trouble the following, solutions:
Q:The language set of the keyboard is not correct
A:The keyboard is preset for the special language character. If you want to confirm the language set in the keyboard, please refer to the sticker on the bottom of the device.

Q:Keyboard failure
A:Please make sure that the keyboard is firmly connected to the controller.

Q:Audio chat is not available
A:Please make sure that the keyboard is inserted into the earphone connector and connected with the controller as well. Check the mute button on the earphone controller to make sure the microphone is on. Make sure that the Xbox 360, console does not start the mute function, and you have already landed Xbox, LIVE, moreover, parental care or privacy setting for voice communication is not stopped.

Package include:

1x Keyboard for Xbox 360 Controller (XBOX 360 is not included)

Product Features

  • Say goodbye to the tedious process of typing with a virtual keyboad.
  • This controller keyboard makes text messaging on your Xbox 360 as simple as A, B, C!
  • Gone are the days of thumbing through letters with an analog stick and d-pad.
  • Designed for comfort and convenience, the keyboard features a full QWERTY Keyboard that attaches directly into your Xbox 360 controller.
  • And additional headset jack is also provided to complete your Xbox Live experience!

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