The Wall Clip securely mounts your Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, and most older, retro controllers on walls, cabinets, or other vertical surfaces in any arrangement you like. The heavy, bendable wire’s unique shape has two positions and four points that can be adjusted to provide a balanced, grasping action to hold most all controllers. Adjust and reposition the clip to fit your controller just the way you like it (we show you how). After adjustment you can put the controller in and pull it out as needed. Simple, convenient, no more mess. INCLUDES: 4 Translucent Wall Clips, wall mounting hardware, and a printed guide showing you how to install, fit, and use them.

Product Features

  • Store game controllers on walls or other vertical surfaces.
  • Fits Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, and most older, retro controllers.
  • Simple setup. Shape clip to fit, set grip, hang.
  • Rubbery, vinyl bumpers grip and protect your controllers.
  • Adjustable grip. Squeeze or expand to set grip strength.

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