SlickBlue Xbox-One-Controller-Case Glow in Dark Series Silicone Protection Case Skin for Xbox One DualShock Controllers – 3 Pack ( Pink / Green / Blue )

Color: Pink, Green and Blue
Material: Silicone
Type: Protective Skin
Pattern: Glow in Dark
Compatibility: Microsoft Xbox One Controller

Additional Features
– Personalise your controller and improve your gaming with the Assecure controller protect.
– Gain extra grip and improve your game play with this non slip silicone controller cover
– The skin perfectly fits the Xbox One controller keeping all the buttons, triggers and thumbsticks accessible.
– Premium quality soft silicone material provides a more comfortable experience and can allow you to play for longer.


– The silicone case must be exposed to light to heat it up or be rubbed or shaken.
– The case may smell a bit foul when exposed to heat.
– The case must be exposed to light for an hour or so to lighten up brightly in dark.
– The case may shine upto 10 min in dark and will slowly subside its brightness.
– The case will have sparkling glitter on it glowing in dark.

Package Includes:
3 X Glow in Dark Silicone Case For Xbox One
1 X SlickBlue Wrist Band
(Accessories Only, Controllers not included)

Product Features

  • Made from HIGH QUALITY SILICONE material, which MINIMIZE SWEAT, feels soft, provides comfortable grip to hold and play constantly with these controllers
  • PRECISE OPENING for all functions, as analog stick, touch sensor pads, speaker hole and other buttons, so you could enjoy playing all games And charging your wireless controllers without removing the skin
  • PROTECTS CONTROLLER with normal drops and scratches during use. Also ensures DUST REPELLENT material enhances life of controller. This Flexible skin for Xbox-One Dual shock controller are EASY TO INSTALL
  • This super thin silicone allows the VIBRATION of controller FELT ADEQUATELY to support prompt response on speeding and action games
  • Unique Glow-in-Dark-Series Cases skin from SlickBlue Comes with Colorful combo of 3 Pack ( Pink / Green / Blue ) Glow in Dark which Grips Perfectly on Microsoft’s Xbox One controllers

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